I Swear to God

Kill me now!!

My heart aches. I mean full out hurts right now.

I was skimming the radio channels to get back to comedy radio from the classical music radio station. And since the radio is a SONY, you have to click your ass through every piece of crap station known to man just to get to my favorite stations. Programming is futile..SONY has never worked out the kinks to its radio channel save issues.

I should sue SONY for psychologically damaging me tonight. Emotional
distress is off the charts.

Agenda 21 radio broadcasting from Alabama!!

Racist, ignorant, down right chemically unstable individuals hosting a radio show for the like of them!!

I hope you read the previous in hillbilly format!!

I am not going to repeat what they said since I posted it to my twitter. Look to the right of the blog screen to see or join my tweet at blindedbyblonde

I can not share this earth with these people!

I hope the Mayan end comes true. I am willing to sacrifice my life and my families just to see these souls die in a furious fire of hell bent biblical proportions brought on by a bunch of Mayans who coked their way out out of existence!!

The Irony would please me very much!

I only ask the Deities at hand bring back life that excludes these most disgusting, racist, ignorant fools, who truly believe they are above being brain washed from the medicated water the government is forcing them to drink, and they are way smarter than anyone else out there.

The Bible speaks of hell..and of this I believe...only Hell is not some spit fire, devil agenda hostel underground.

Hell is very much defined as the wrath of idiocy plaguing the earth and the way into the hell hole is through Alabama!!

The Blonde hopes Mother Nature wipes them out!!!

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