I Do Not Bake Cookies!!

Donald Zlot (names have been changed to protect the innocent from suits brought on by dirty slandering liars) is in for a rude awakening.

I could have dismissed his many attempts to treat me like an inconsequential fleeb.

I sat there and took it for most of the comments on the US Army News website.

But he broke the camel's back when he suggested I stick to baking cookies for my son.

I do not BAKE Mr Zlot!!

What I do...do...Mr Zlot is fact check credentials so far back in time that I can pin point your first sneeze and where you did it!!

I could care less about your sneeze Zlot..what I care about is taking you off the comments of our US Army News Website.

And for those just tuning in...this is just a tip of the racist and chauvinistic iceberg that Mr Zlot is:

to help you grab a picture in your mind....

Mr Donald Zlot posted this on his Facebook page:

"Today we have a college president who remains in her job at Rhodes because she is black. Black Pastor Ron Fails has twice been arrested for soliciting prostitutes and is still the pastor of his congregation and we are supposed to respect black leaders? The first time he tried running down an undercover police officer with his red Mercedes. Another prominent black leader in town runs a bar where there is constant trouble. Public schools with large black populations are disaster areas in education and the citadels of “dumbing down” and now blacks claim they are being treated unfairly?"

The Blonde does not bake!!!

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