Dallas Twisted but I am Screwed

Thanks Deity on hand.... for nothing!!!

I could have recouped my airfare from another online dating downer but


You sent salt from the skies to rub in my wound all for your entertainment purposes.

I know they are laughing at me. They have a lingering bet board on my trying to grasp the concept of..

giving up on a useless endeavor.

I can't cancel the ticket online and I can't get through the phone system because of the hurricane in Dallas.

I am going to have to eat the price of the ticket.

I think I will frame this ticket in a giant gilded frame to remind myself that any man I find using an online dating system has absolutely no value other than replacing boredom for a few bits of my life.

I am not going to rant on about online dating any more than I have in the past. I am beating a dead horse here.

Its my fault for thinking that their might be someone like me online.

I fess up a little too much..I know that..but why should I hide anything?

Because the perception men have of women online is severely jaded?

Not my problem.

Well, it is...because I got stuck with a tab for trying again.

I am not working Pavlov's theory very well, Am I?

The Blonde is tired of dogs!

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