Bored Blinde

I have been locked up for a week watching Ally McBeal reruns. I got to the third season and it just started getting stupid. The best ones are really the first 2 seasons. I do have to say, Boston Legal, is a total rip-off of the series. In the third season they kill off Billy...and with out Billy...there really is no Ally! At least not to this love lorn child. To keep my butt in gear, I have been bouncing on my exercise ball and using my little 5 lbs arm weights. I can't turn to jello just because I am in a bit of down town emotionally. I will get really depressed if my body grows love handles from inactivity. Anyhoo, I was also doing my spa day and giving myself manis and pedis and trying face scrubs and clay masks. Well.... The face mask caused an allergic reaction and their is a pink rim around my lips that looks like I took a vacuum cleaner hose to my mouth. At least my nails look pretty! It reminds me of the time when I used Nair to polish my woohoo...and I left it on way too long and got third degree burns. I walked for a few weeks like I had been on a saddle for a few months. Not a pretty picture I assure you. I do not mind being a human test rat when things work out. Its just when they don't work out... I rather PETA just kill me out of pity! Double anyhoo... even if I did not burn the rim of my smile...where would I go?! The Blonde has seen everything!

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