Beyond the Boob

Because I have an obsession with pretty breasts, I tend to look at them. And I stare at the ones I like. I do not get any sexual feeling from them. I am not in any way, shape, or form attracted to women in that way although..after the men I have dated...I often wonder sometimes if I rather not want to date chicks.

I did have a lesbian stalker once and she went further than any guy stalker I ever had. She actually broke into my house. What really gets my goat too is the fact she broke the same window that was broken a month before by thieves. Having to replace the same window twice really ticked me off.

I am pretty sure lesbian are a trite more horrid than men.

I have nothing but admiration for the female form but that is all. Perhaps I was a lesbian in a past life and this is the reverb I have coming out.


I am certain I did not get into the private catholic university in Houston because my interview was with a very chubby young girl with a scoop necked top and perfectly sized breasts and her decolletage (the part in between the neck and breast) was peachy and smooth like a baby.

I know she caught me looking at them and although I tried to pass it off as looking at my application..

Forget it.

I was doomed. I am sure she tossed my transcripts in the pervert file.

Quite frankly, if you do not want me looking at them than wear a buttoned down blouse. Don't lycra the very curve of them in a stretchy knit top.

Well, thank God for Harvard. Its a sight unseen acceptance.

The Blonde needs eye to eye contact!

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