Ally McBeal

I have been watching reruns of Ally McBeal and realizing, I am a lot like the character. I am easily provoked with matters of the heart. I am romantic in a world that is very anti-romance these days.

This past month, I have had to deal with a married jerk soliciting sex on MySpace. a jealous woman calling my phone 18 times a day (of which I have quickly nipped in the butt..that story to come later), and the colossal mistake of buying a ticket on a whim of chance love.

Men seem to want to hop in bed so quickly theses days. Its a total turn off to me and quite frankly, no relationship ever comes about such quick interludes. The best that will come about this premature ejaculation situation is a relationship slanted on the side of sex and to develop the rest of personality, romance, and love in order to bond is next to impossible.

Not to mention Internet dating has turned the prospects of love into a game of the contestants getting the prize but wanting more of a prize. No one bothers to stop spinning the prize wheel with online dating. They come home from a date and immediately log on to their perspective dating sites to see if they can do better.


One of the episodes talks about the reality of finding someone who is right as opposed to finding the one true love of their life. In the end, the character succumbs and marries the Ms. Right instead of holding out for a fantasy that will never happen. And if it did, it probably would be under false pretense. Of course the dude was way obese and chugging for a heart attack..but I digress..

Back to the story...

I have been holding out for the perfect one myself and that is why I am alone. There is no easy answer. There is not that perfect love and if you wait too long or keep seeking it out..you just might miss someone really great to love.

And we all have done this. That is why we invented drunk dialing. We all know there are missed opportunities and even though our heart is not in it...during a drunken stupor...our heart tells out head how stupid we are and thus a drunk email or drunk dial is imminent...sometimes.

I am not saying to ditch your dreams or your dream girl or dream guy..

I am just saying that dream girl or guy could be the one but was never given a chance because we looked for an upgrade.

We have two options in this life and for me...that option is hopeless romantic, holding on to finding something I know what come. I like the chase of the dream..

I haven't quite figured out how to settle down and make a perfect life with someone. I am disillusioned in the dream that it all comes wrapped in a pretty perfect package. Only, every time I unwrap the package...it is never the prize I think it is.

Don't make the same mistake as me.

Love is not in the leading man but the story of finding someone who can be your leading man..or woman!!

That is a Blondism!!

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