Hey Agenda 21 Redneck Radio...

Free speech allows for pornography, KKK, and the uneducated bible belt fools from Alabama.

We the people, of the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights, protect you like we protect the mentally disabled, minorities, and gay community...

You breed contempt for the ignorant to propagate!! I would use hillbilly speech but your language eludes me.

What does, "speaking your alluser..." mean? Your radio co-host used it in reference to the white drunk who was 'decapitated' by an ordinance which is not a law!

And right after that in banjo strum timing...your cohort laughed on-air by mistake to the Hispanic who called in and you covered it up by speech not covered in any slang dictionary, let alone the Webster or the Oxford...those are also dictionaries you may not be aware of!!!

And by the way...Marines are not the brain washed opium farmers for the Afghans..and I have sent that comment on to the Marines for verification!

Marines are the uneducated crew of the military and so they replicate the ignorance of your radio show but they are defending our country why you are...

Satan's biggest and brightest student!!

Satan can not live without the likes of your ass!!

I had Satan over for drinks the other night and he actually got drunk and cried; He was so embarrassed that your radio station is his most profitable media venue!!!

The Blonde Reminds Americans of Semper Fidelis!!

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