6 year old in Handcuffs


My outrage is not toward the handcuffs.

My outrage is toward a system that allows a child with mental disabilities to be thrown into the wolves mouths of ignorant commentary by uneducated idiots regarding themselves as viable opinions!

There are laws protecting children from internet predators. Why is there not a law to protect the commentary on a story about a child?!!

A 6 year old child was handcuffed for her own safety. Why the teacher or a counselor could not body hold her to calm her down is not a mystery!! Everyone is so afraid of being sued and/or losing their job that they allowed this child to escalate into a violent episode until the police arrive.

It is beyond reproach!!

This child clearly has a chemical imbalance; a mental illness or a reaction to abuse!! The fact that blame is pushed around like sand on a beach and then raked over to hide the real blame...


And to top off the disgustingly vagrant irresponsibility of the family and school...

I have to read the ugly commentary of very uneducated, overly opinionated idiots of society!!

The Blonde wants mouth guards!!

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