The Tin Man was Lucky not to have a heart

...this was a tweet that came my way...

If the Tin man was lucky enough to not have a heart..than why did he want one so bad?

He must have heard something good about having a heart, otherwise he would have told Dorothy to F-- Off and go on his own merry way.

Why did the Lion want courage?

Where did he learn it was wrong to be a coward?

The Scarecrow wanted....what the fuck did he want...


need to google..

Oh holy crap..he wanted a brain...lol..I forgot that a few aspire to have a brain.

We are so busy dumbing down society to fit the needs of our politicians, we forget to smart up in an effort to help our fellow man and woman.

I am not voting and I hope you follow in not voting as well. It will send a statement to no one and the electoral college will vote for who they want any way but it would show the smart people that their vote does not really count.

The dumb people will still be oblivious of the outcome because Wal Mart, KFC and McDonalds have yet to put in flat screens.

Voting gives people the belief they have control over our government.

The government is not about the people anymore..its grown too large, too ineffective, and self serving.

I think I am like most Americans when I say...I just don't give a shiite anymore ( unless I can stuff one and hang him over my mantle)...I am not voting because nothing is going to change and I am not wasting the $4.50 gallon of gas to get my voice discounted.

I will be hosting a very large party on election day...It will be off the coast of Italy...

The Blonde thinks the elections belong in the Enquirer not in the news!~!!

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