The Sunset Limited

In most people's mind it is a train that used to run from the Atlantic to the Pacific in the southern part of America.

But for many, the Sunset Limited was a final destination.

A ride they wanted to take all their life but never quite got a chance to.

They were so busy surviving and living inside humanities ills and rules that they had hardly anytime to enjoy a ride.

The Sunset Limited was going to be their last ride.

Their fond farewell.

Their trans-continental epiphany to the edge of the world.

This play, this story, this dialogue between an atheist and a believer is my epitaph from community college.

Its the final term paper I write before carrying on with a full blown university.

I can write a paper with my eyes closed but this one...

this one...

I need to be great!

I need to blow this one out of the park, and not because it means anything to anyone or a final A in my Associate studies but because...

I need to know that even with out a reason or an end or a prize...

That I...


have it in me to give my best when the world keeps throwing me their worst!!

The Blonde has no limitations!!!

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