Oedipus means 'swollen foot' and not 'to see'...

Oedipus had a screwy Mother who believed in prophecy and when an oracle told her her kid would kill her baby Daddy and marry her...

She did what any normal baby Mamma would do after reading the horoscope in the local news rag...

She and her husband pierced the babies feet and bound them together before handing over the bundle of curse over to a Sheppard who was to take the baby to the top of the cliff and leave it there to die of exposure..which is a nice term for starve, dehydrate, and freeze or burn to death.


and a big but...

The Shepard, ditched the dirty deed and handed the baby over to the royal family of the hood next door.

I am sure they paid better for adoption than the Thebes paid for the disposal but whatever..


to make a long Greek tragedy short...

Someone told Oedipus of his fate and he left his parents to save their lives.

Unfortunately they were not his real parents and so he left his safety zone

and low and behold

karma guided him directly into killing his real Daddy on the way out of town..

What are the odds of that happening without Apollo?


He stops to play some casinos and he ends up cracking the Sphinx jeopardy game and this lushes Jocasta is all about the new guy and they marry

Jocasta and Odi-puss have daughters and rule the kingdom and have a great life and


Someone has to pee on their parade

Why they waited so long to avenge the death of the King...'Creon"?

not to mention names, Creon!

but seriously...was your promotion due, Creon?!!

Creon is to blame for the whole debacle if you ask me.

Creon got Odi all in a ruckus over the truth and when Odi finally digged the whole deep enough to uncover it

the hole was to be a grave for his Mother/ Wife after she hung herslef buy her own hair..that's commitment to suicide..seriously.

He stabs his eyes out with some gold chatchkis--tacky --and I personally thought he did it to afford him some grace and pity..

Ain't know one going to be mean to a blind dude even if he did kill his Daddy, marry his Mother, and bore a bunch of daughters...

The end of Odi's life is unclear but I am pretty sure his brother-in-law took pity on him and kept Odi well fed in a tower somewhere.

The Blonde is done with another semester!

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