Masking Our History

It is hard to face the fact that we have all been assholes through our lives when it comes to social change...but if we can just say..yes..we were assholes..apologize... and find a way to fix our thinking...


We all deserve a second chance..maybe not in personal life but in our society..we may have been influenced improperly by the media and neighbors and we should be able to correct it.

My Mother used to tell me, if you were sorry, you would have nothing to apologize for in the first place.

She is one giant hypocrite and although her message did not ring true for her..it did ring true for me.

I will not apologize for anything because I didn't hurt anyone based on jealousy, anger, lies, ill intent, or greed.

If I loved someone, it was because I loved them..Raine, Augusto, Dallas...

and I understand they did not maliciously hurt me...they were unlovable...they could not love...

at least not me...

and its OK..

I owe no apology other than to my Boo..my gift from God and one I wish I was more worthy of...

I got the Holy Grail of Sons...

He may be a pain in the ass to me, his MOM, but in the real world..

He is a leader,

He is a kind and generous lover,

He is a brilliant man!!!!

Yet, not a push over.

He is strong and stubborn and perfect!!!

And with solid resolution; he will defend his lover, his family, his country, and his God...

And he is leaving for Afghanistan next month...

The Blonde can not hide her fears!!

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