and Oedipus have one thing in common...they are both tragically possessed by a victim complex.

Seriously, I want to knock Hamlet in the head and tell him to snap out of it but Horatio cock blocks me.

If Hamlet is crazy, it would be much easier to believe if Horatio and the two knights never saw dead Hamlet's Daddy smogging up the sky way with a truth of his murder.

The ghost is validated after Hamlet throws an impromptu play for the King- who murdered his papa and the Queen- which is his Mother who married the murderous King way before the body of Hamlet's beloved Father was cold..an issue Hamlet has a hard time trying to kick

many literature pros's have tried to link incestuous lust and behavior on the part of the King and Queen but they must be breathing down Freud's crazy train exhaust because if you read the play...

and you are privy to royalty and the wealthy's proclivity to keeping wealth in the family, they often do marry cousins and what nits..

Gross in this day but hardly unacceptable in the day of Shakespeare.

He was not introducing anything new to the wealthy, they did not patron his shows, but the poor sods who came in droves to his theater and bringing their ignorant mind, ate it up with such valour and disgust to make it more than it really was..

and then Freud and his f--ed up little mind just dug it out of the dusty library and made something of it to make his career..

Do not quote me and I am super tired and have not edited this...

The Blonde is letting the poison sword of tongue lay unedited tonight..in other words of tongue and pen..nothing different

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