Taking Risks

I am taking baby steps to create a little risk in my life.

I started depositing money back into my miniscule Ameritrade account. I am building my money market account and eventually will get back to trading futures and options.

Believe it or not, I was actually pretty good at it.

I had a major loss when I let my X participate in my account and I lost my shirt on coffee.

I also made the mistake of trusting a trader in California to handle my corn trades back before ethanol was involved and he did not place my order and I again lost my shirt.

Something about men and my money end up with me in the red.

I am finding life much easier to handle and much more proseprous without a man around.

I think I like this new life style.

Its me again, on my own and not caring about having a man in my life.

I like this.

No to say, I am not lonely at times but I am not going to let that deter me and look for something that I really don;t want or need to fulifll an emptiness.

Money can fill that void for me.

I could take my money and grab a flat, buy a new car, or fill my closet again with designer goods but you know what?

Those things don't make me feel better about me...

Those things make other people feel better about me...

and I don't need anyone to feel better about me.

I feel pretty great on my own.

I rather sink my money back into the markets and take a little financial risk again.

Its always panned out so much better than a man.

Life is coming back full circle.

Baby steps to get there but I will.

I will get back everything I lost and more.

All I can say is...

Who the hell needs a man around?

The Blonde found a new market!!

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