Rural And Urban

do not mesh...

There are great looking Texas men but they live in Austin and Dallas. Houston not so much...they have the pudgy fingers and they are a little too rugged for my taste.

When i talk Texan..I mean people that live way out in Dirtsville around the edges of no city. Their manners are brash and they are cocky without having anything to be arrogant about.

I thought it would be nice if I give Mr. Barnyard one more chance to redeem himself but he proved to have manners of a horsefly.

Thrice did he interrupt me in mid statement on the phone to take another call. He is not a surgeon nor running a covert operation...he has email and the calls best waited.

He might want to reconsider going to charm school and try picking up manners by mistake.

I doubt he could learn them...you can't teach old dogs...

He is definitely not worth the mileage on my car.

Personally I don't think he had phone calls at all. I think he had a temper tantrum and just hung up because I told him again I was not riding out to the country to spend the weekend with him.

What ever happened to dating and getting to know someone?

These guys know that if you keep getting to know them...they will never get laid!!

The Blonde is sticking to southern mannered city dwellers only.

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