Oh Lord, Texans!!

what the hell do you do with them?

As a woman, I say throw them back in the Brazos River and let them float away.

I just don't understand Texas men who think they are God's gift to women when clearly--they are not!!

They have mirrors but they don't see anything but what they make and not who they are.

They think flashing their things around is going to make a girl want to play their house buddy when they are bored yet they never plan on taking care of them.

Its all about the Texan being taken care of and the woman is just the 'little lady' in the house who needs to be seen with big tits and not heard--especially if she has a political opinion.

They want the woman to be super attractive when they look like an obese midget with giantism...

Seriously they all have stubby fingers..its very odd!!

What the baffook (new word)?!!

I have to fish outside the Texas pond for my men because clearly this East coast girl can not deal!!

The Blonde likes out of state!!!

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