I Must Rebel

or digress..there is no way in hell I am not buying something designer this year and so what is my favorite fashion...


I bought another pair of over the top, over the knew Rebel Luma boots.

I would not call these super designer like Laboutin or Jimmy Choo...but for me they are perfect for school and my trip to New York.

For the holidays, I am treating myself to a trip to New York. I found a fab little boutique hotel called the Library Hotel..Its concept is based on the dewey decimal system. I thought it would be fun to cram the end of semester studying in at the New York Public Library and do some walking, walking, walking...

The only excercise I have gotten is sitting at my desk, bouncing on an excercise ball.

I need to get away from my desk!

The Blonde is going vogue!!

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