Gone, Gone, And Gone

I finally cleared out my guy friend pantry.

Its funny, I hate telling men i don;t love them when I actually still do but it seems the only way to get them to go away.

Its harsh but I have to do what is best for me and having lingering 'friends' around that I am secretly hoping a commitment from is just stupid-in my opinion.

Plus, we all know how I feel about past sexual relationships turning into friendship that really is just a front for playing safe and still keeping the girl.

If a man can't commit to me, than he does not get to keep me as a comfort blanket.

End of story.

The new story is a whole new genre of men. I have a NOLA visit coming up with a hottie from Facebook that I have been putting off.

I am not really looking for much these days. I need to finish school and see where that road leads me.

I am hoping it leads me down a silk road where money will be no object and i can travel and find men in unusually fabulous places up and down Italian Riviera.

Why settle for Americans; when their is a world of men to meet!!

The Blonde just needs to finish her law degree!!!

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