The Dingy Blonde

I am the dingy blonde.

My whole life I have been waiting for someone to help pull me in from the ocean.

It gets tiring swimming against the tide.

The waves grow larger.

The water grows deeper.

And after treading and swimming on my own, I reach for someone, anyone...to pull me in.

And they do...

I can always find someone to pull me in...

but only to the dingy...

never to the boat.

I drift behind the boat in a dingy...

and I am so grateful just for not having to tread, all alone, anyomore, that I take that dingy as if it were the boat.

But as I float in that dingy...I begin to see the boat in front of me.

And I wonder, why can;t I come on the boat?

What is it about me, that no one ever pulls me in all the way?

I have been floating on the back end of someone's boat for so long being grateful for so little.

And now, I don;t ask anymore...I just never reach out anymore.

I don't need a dingy.

I have been treading this long.

I have built strength and endurance.

I will keep swimming.

What choice do I have.


Not a chance.

The Blonde is too stubborn to get in anyone's dingy again!!!

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