Ah Quiet

It is super quiet today, the television that usually blasts 24 hours of opinionated news is off and I was befreinded by the liberal on my facebook this weekend after I suggested he do more activism or do more shutting the hell up.

I am tired of the complaining and the bitching from all fronts regarding politics. Obviously nothing is going to be done to correct the situation from the status quo.

And the poepl in power do not care about the status quo. They care about their pockets, their freind's pockets, and what they can do to keep full pockets and power.

The little blonde like me has to put up with it and just find a way to live happy while under the direction of these dip heads.

And nothing will be fixed since everyone has a special interest in themselves.

Let's stop the bitching.

Geez..I feel like I am married to a bitchy wife having to hear her complain all day about something she is not happy with.

And if I wanted to divorce, I wouldn't be able to because I can't afford to move away.

That is where the American people are.

Stuck with a bitch that we can't afford to seperate from.

The Blonde is tuning out!!

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