I try not to use ADD medicine and work on my own but with work, school ,ad Boo going off to Afghan..something had to give...

And it was my focus!!

I can't get through Aristotle and Plato and deal with the down trodden dieter without some of my sanity breaking.

So I took the plunge and went to the Doctor..it had been so long since I have seen my MD that I forgot his name and where the office was.

It took some serious recall!!

I got the prescription and went to my neighborhood pharmacy.

What is funny? The woman in front of me was having a conniption fit because her medicine was out of stock.

Guess what?!

Her meds were the same one I was trying to get.

Apparently, the Westlakey Mothers used up all their kids Adderall for dieting purposes and now they are all in a refill frenzy mode to replace the meds for their kid's mid-terms.

The woman in front of me looked like she was dealing with her Drug Daddy than she did a pharmacist. When he told her that they were out, you could see her begin to twitch like a zebra with horse flies.

She serously needs to step away from the counter. But she did not. her little head swirled like Linda Blair in that devil movie and I might have exaggerated this..but she seemed to spew venom from her eyes at me when she thought I was going to push her aside from the 'drop-off' counter at the local Heebee Jeebees.

I think the junior pharmacist saw I was about to be eaten by the adderall-a-medusa and she quickly saved me by pulling me to another 'drop-off' window.

While out of harms way the junior pharmacist explained to me that the entire lot of adderall had been carnaged in the entire Westlakey and Bee Keys area.

I looked at the bug-eyed speed Mom next to me and simply said..."No Problem"

And then I calmly left the building like anyone who was not hooked on prescription speed would.

Ahh Haaa!!!!!

I didn't go so ballistic..I merely went up the street 10 miles and found Target outside the Westlakey zone and they filled me up.

let this be a warning to you...Woman that you marry because you think they are perfect are hardly that and you deserve what you wish for!!!

You wonder why women are bitches and their kids bullies?!!

Think Stepford!

Think Adderall!

If you do not have A.D.D. and take adderall than you are just a speed freak in a fancy zip code kidding yourself!!


Meanwhile, I will be thinking Plato, Aristotle, and the ethics that govern our lives!

And still struggling with A.D.D.

The Blonde wont abuse a good thing!!

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