take the Bad with the Good

I am checking out my birth chart and this is what is up this week:

Pretty acurate still....

You are more sensitive to, and frustrated by, anything that makes you feel stifled, restricted, oppressed, or restrained now. Your desire for independence or to feel unique and original is strongly stimulated, but you may not be going about it in the best manner. In fact, you might come across as rebellious, cantankerous, or hard to please. You may be especially impatient, impulsive, or prone to taking foolish risks. This stems from the desire to make changes in your life or to shake things up because you are sensitive to that which is boring, monotonous, or stale in your life.

I got a reminder of being careful to follow the right path.

The other night I watched Tatum O'Neil's reality show with Ryan on Oprah's network OWN. Its funny, I totally get where Tatum is coming form and that she is trying to work out things from her past.

I am in the same cycle of my life and trying to pull out successfully.

I have acknowledge the issues and now I am working on just letting them go and moving on. Sometimes the process is down right hard and sometimes certain things will catch the old wind of the past and stir up controversy with family.

You have to find closure on your own.

If you are looking for someone else to close the door to past regression or feelings...its always going to have a door stop in front of the door jam. Its going to stay cracked open with room for a slight breeze to set the door wide open and you back 10 feet from the finishing line of a happy life.

You have to pull that door shut on your own. Find closure from within...

I and Tatum must do that for ourselves...

But its nice to have a little virtual competition.

Mine won't be Hollywood style on a reality show which makes my odds a little more favorable.

You can live happily ever after with those who might have done you, a few things wrong.

The Blonde has a chart, not steps!!

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