Nigerian Dumbass

...or maybe he was Jamaican, the accents are similar but the douche factor is the same and i could give a flying fecal part for these rampant little criminal master minds that have no hope of pulling anything off other than crank calls.

Apparently, their are enough idiots in the US that these scam scourge feel they can be profitable. I don;t know who is selling them the elderly contact information but I am going to put Wal-Mart behind this little disgusting act.

The idiot called from an unblocked number asking if my Mother shops at Wal-Mart and said she won a cash award.

She handed me the phone and I said ni my very nice 'hello kitty' voice, "What's the scam?"

The dude hung up.


Next, the call came from a blocked number and I kept answering and they kept hanging up.

So they called one last time and I did not hang up. I left the phone locked on there call placed the phone down on the counter so it would make that irritating piercing noise for some reason.

Its a fun glitch in the phone when you have a crank call from a crack head.


They went to chapter two fo the most idiot scam artists in the world and attempted the following little diddy for us:

"Hello, I am kar amba Abu and I am CEO of the Nigerian bank Company. We have $2.5 million of your funds locked in transit and we need blah, blah, blah....."

Turnip trucks a plenty but not in this neck off the hills.

My Mother turning this into a major drama, I had to deal with it.

Always a lady, I gave a polite...

"You Nigerian Fuck!!"

...of which he responded by redialing my parents number over and over. Always hanging up when I was trying to give him more of my pleasantries. ]

Quite rude if you ask me!!!

Anyhoo, nipped it in the butt quickly..I couldn't play anymore with the dead head, i had work to get to.

*77 took care of that little douche's temper tantrum.

Go rage on someone in the boondocks dickhead.

We have private call blocking!!

Warn your GP's and elderly neighbors to just hit *77 on their AT&T phone. Be sure what other phone companies offer, so check around.

and it will block all calls that withhold their phone number.

This is the Blonde's Service Announcement!!

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