My Rock-a-Billy Died Tonight

One of my and Austin's favorite musicians was murdered last night.

Its weird because I had a dream of a dead man with slicked back hair lying like he was asleep underneath clear water behind my old pink house.

And in my dream, I told people he was there and all they did was murk up the water over him until you could not see him any more.

I kept telling them he is there, you have to wait for the water to clear.

Wait, wait...he is there...

and then a break in the cloudy water showed his face.

And there was my friend laying with his body straight, his hair slicked back , and a perfect Elvis like black suit...untouched.

I got the news today, he was murdered. Blunt force trauma in front of an Autozone.

I am very certain who and what he was waiting for and I hate that he was still involved in something that made me quit being his friend.

Its been awhile since I have spoken to him but I found the uncut samples that he asked me to produce and promote.

I played it tonight.

I never did think he could kill his fondness for the snow.

So I tucked the songs away and moved on.

I hate that I was right.

I hate even more that his 8 year old daughter that he loved more than life but less than coke is going to be without her Daddy.

Damn you, damn you!!

A steel guitar wont have my freind's fingers strumming on it ever again.

And my heart breaks tonight!

The Blonde lost her tune tonight!

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