Infedelity Keeps Us Together

The recent New York Times magazine article about the praises of infidelity to keep a marriage alive leaves me out of the 'US' in the title.

I am not married. I am the single chick who men in relationships try to get with to keep their 'real' commitment to the other woman in tact.

Mother F$#@%!!!!!

I can't tell you how this article struck a debacle in my chord!

Not because I was reading it as a married person, of which I might be more sympathetic, and even more so, I would be all for pandering the help of some safe girl for my hubby if I was not in the mood for sex for half a century or so...
As long as he provdes for me a wonderful life...I would provde him with the same.

Just don't put it in my face and let me be the main love and...

But I am not the wife that is taken care of.

I am the girl that Augusto thinks should take care of him while he takes care of his wife.

Yes, Augusto is married and its not a problem as long as we stick to tennis and biking and our friday night happy hour.

Going to Miami was not a problem. I treated him like my gorgeous gay. I had my own room and I was with a gorgeous hunk to flutter around the beach with and still free to mingle with other men!!


Augusto just moved back to Austin and wants to pick up at the beginning of the realtionship when he was seperated or divorced or whatever lie I was gullible enough to believe 6 years ago.

I started this blog because of this sucubine jerk and its taken me years to just be alright with him as a freind but now...

I have had all I can take from his whining to wheel be back into a relationship that is not a realtionship worth having.

I am single, going to law school, and still pretty fucking cute so why on earth would I consider going to a school, not based on its merit, but rather its vicinity to an easy love nest (which I am paying for) for this turd extrodinaire?!

Sorry Augsuto,

I am headed to where the single men roam free around the campus that is in the top 5 of law schools in Texas.

After chewing his ass out for even suggesting such bologne...

This Blonde is on a hunger strike!!

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