How Pretty Humans Are Underneath

at least, the physical aspect. I know a lot of butt ugly down under the epidermis but this blog is not about the haters.

This is a rotating picture (compliments of wikipedia) of a fingertip. The pretty little waves are the different layers of fat underneath the skin.

I discovered this photo when I began researching the HCG product I am trying and if you look to your left selling as well.

Its not enough to take someone's word that a product works. I have to try it for myself. And although I do not need to loose weight, I am a bit obsessed about the subject and like every other femme would like to be five pounds thinner than I am.

And of course, Like most femm-a-bods, when I loose the five pounds, I will want to loose five more.

I have taken HCG for about five days. The first 3 days I was hungry and cranky. I blame the colon cleanse on the cranky bit but oddly enough I am not so irritated (with exception of Augusto -- still wickedly chapped at him) and I...

and hold on to this shocker...

Have not been interested in wine lately.

I know...

Messing with my vino habit is a huge drawback as far as I am concerned but I am hoping that instinct will kick in and my happy vino time will come back so I can enjoy my American Spirit (no additives does not mean a safer cigarette--whatever, es it does) the porch when the moon hits again.


so the HCG drops I take has curbed my appetite...not just for wine and puffery but for food, in general, as well...

I think I ate an egg and a plum today...still not hungry.

Its only been five days and so let's see if the noshing comes back with the vino.

If its a bogus product, I will let my readers know.

I wont stop working for the company because I like the fact they do use real product without fillers, it pays well, I work from home, and I make my own hours.

And if anyone has been paying attention to this blog..you know how desperately I need a job that can fit around school and afford me some stress free study time.

Half the battle is not having the urge to eat.

The Blonde is concentrating on her inside!

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