Housewives of New York

I know many people call the housewives show a waste of time but i think its an excellent source of information regarding what to look out for in women friends.

I could take years of psychology courses and still not have the insight like this show has provided. Granted the women stir up conflict to benefit their face time on the shows and you have to take most of it with a martini and swallow hard.

But some of it, if you pay attention may see some characteristics or behavior in your own friends and will think twice next time when trusting them carte blanche.

Women seem to gravitate to a certain person in the group based on their certain situations at the time.

I probably would hang out with Kelly and bag the other wenches. Yes Kelly is an odd bird but she is not spiteful. Her little weird tirades are more or less for the face time.

Sonya...not at all...you are who you hang with and that is not who I want to be.

Countless....I like her, she is having fun and she gives appropriate digs when warranted.

Jill would bully me on everything and I would end up going in her direction and not the direction I want for myself.

Ms Kansas and Simon just freak me out. They are super creepy.

And the new chick...she has young kids and I am way passed my 'Mommie and me" friends.

And last but not least, Ms. Pino Grigio..if she is pregnant..gross!! 54 is not only ridiculous age to have a child but she is clearly doing it out of fear of losing her husband and that is never a good thing.

Right Martha?

I have tried to get with the jersey chicks but they are so harsh in mannerism...ughh!! I rather watch Dog the Bounty Hunter.

If I were doing women studies, they Housewives would be my thesis.

The Blonde rather be a lover!

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