The HCG Guinea Pig

I need another subject in my HCG study and so who better than my Ma-Me 'dieter extraordinaire'. She has never been able to stick to a diet, is a complete wiz at coming up with ingenious substitutes to sabotage any successful diet plan.

She is perfect for my study!!

I am already down from 132 to 129 in 3 days but I am someone who can follow a diet. I am not nibbling like I usually do.

Yesterday, I deviated the diet protocol with a banana (not on the list) and 4 breaded shrimp ( breaded is a serious no-no for me in general)but I cut out a helping of vegetables to equal it out.

See, you can be a tiny bit bad but it did effect the 1 lbs a day loss. I only lost ounces yesterday.


Back to my Guinea pig. On her first day of dieting, low and behold...substitutions in the form of blueberries with cream. Cream is not on the list. I will excuse the blueberries because they actually have less sugar than an apple and its a great anti-oxidant fruit.

I am fairly certain my results will be successful. I am fairly confident ma-me will be a living testament to what not to do on a diet protocol...

If the drops only work to motivate someone and keep them conscious about turning to a healthier nutritional lifestyle...its worth it.

But seriously, I do not feel as hungry as before. And I am always hungry.

I am a perpetual fridge door opener every time I pass the kitchen.

If and when i build a home...the kitchen will be around thhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gife pool in the pool house and unattached to my living quarters.

I tried painting the walls baby blue which some book suggested help curb appetite. It did nothing but make the kitchen look like a baby boy's room.

So, Ma-Me's BMI is 127. I would put her weight down but she would probably try to kill me with her lavender floor cleaner.

The Blonde is making her own blind study!!

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