Go Mustangs

I just received my acceptance letter for SMU in Dallas. This is my first choice school, one because of its locale and two becuz of its so much more awsome than living in Waco.

OK so my reason is location, location ,location.

But I am going to be somewhere for the next 3 years and I would like to find a personal life along with the studies.

Waco offers....nada to to me!

Am I going to get to go?

That is the Million dollar question only because it takes a small fortune to go to SMU and Baylor for that matter.

Hopefully, SMU will swing some grants my way and I will continue working through the summer to see if I can afford a studio in midtown.

Uptown is a definite no...the prices for a studio or 'G' plus.

I wonder if Dove or some anti-aging cream company will sponsor my way through school?

I figure the Larry Crowne film will shed a nice Hollywood light on the plight of the older student and push me toward my financial goal to cover coasts.

The Blonde is not quite of the gate!

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