Getting around with Meetup.com

Internet dating has become a plethora of grossness.

Its really become the club that was hot at one time but the fugly crowd got a hold of it and the cool peeps stopped showing up.

That's internet dating.

So how does the good crowd find people to meet?

The cool new place is meetup.com

You join a club of interest and you show up to outings and hopefully, eventually there might be a mate for you.

Personally don;t use it as a hook-up site, you will just end up ruining its intent.

Have fun in the club without looking for someone and you will start enjoying being by yourself, having fun with men and women, and you will loose the desperate tag that's been dangling off your aura.

Finding someone has come full circle and its not the bars or the web. Days of posting your age and salary, sifting through lies and false advertisements are left for the seedy crowd.

I noticed match.com went back to letting you surf the profiles without adding yours. A sure sign that they are on the outskirts and headed the way of myspace--if their lucky.

At least myspace has cool independent bands to listen to.

I personally only sign up for the ones that are special invitation but I am very careful about who I surround myself with because I am not a great judge of character and I need a virtual bouncer protecting me.

The Blonde found a new route to take!

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