Customer Support

but to keep them as a customer, let them be right.

I am customer support and that means taking the haters with the lovers. I am so uplifted when someone calls and brags about their success in losing weight.


I had no idea how being overweight and wanting to lose it is such a huge battle for so many people. I did not realize what a prig I have been for berating them during cocktails with freinds.

I feel like a total douche.

I am 5'9" and never weighed more than 130 accept for when I was plumped up to 160 carrying Boo. he still owes me a tummy tuck. Of course Boo tells me if I didn't gorge on ice cream I wouldn't need anything.

Touche Boo Boo!!


I had wonderful customers today but for every fab contact there is always one to bring one down in this game.

I was called inept, uninformed, obviously stupid...duh..tah...duhhh

Did I hit my anger button and call on my condescending repetitoir to combat this hater femme.

NO! I did not!

If it wasd my company, I might be little less understanding but I am still the professional.

If she is frustrated, its not because of me or the product I support. She needed to vent and I am there to take her hot air and try to make it right.

You know the HCG is not a silly product and it can give people the boost they need to find a happier existence of life through healthier eating.

Sunscreen is still my major plug for people but modifying eating habits to feel better about yourself ranks second to the sunscreen.

So call me and beat me up. I am not giving up on you. I want you to feel beautiful even when its hard to look in a mirror and say it!!

I lost everything because of stupid mistakes I made along the way and I know how hard it is to face the mirror every morning and say, "Hey, today will be better."

And many today's passed by and nothing got better but I am not giving up and little by little my days are getting better.

I used to be so much more than this but I am only beginning to get back up.

So, go ahead and hit me with what you got, cause I got so much more!!

Bring it On!!

The Blonde can take some punch!

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