Busy Bee

I feel great knowing some income is coming in and once my financial packets come from SMU and know I can afford to go to school, I will look for work in Dallas.

I am still on my kick to work at a Sunflower market; especially the diet and supplement area. I really have found my nitch.

I am thinking I might try some bioscience classes but realize my ADD can cause me to drail from prelaw and thus my major will be in something analytical and maybe squeeze in the bioscience as a minor.

All in all, the world is not a fabulous place totally for me.

I still have a lot of catching up to do as far as finances and getting my car road ready but its slowly getting better.
I am going to have to raise my debt ceiling when school starts but until then I am trying to rake in some dough for the famine that will be coming ahead.

I will need to stack up on raman noodles.

It would be great if I could win the lottery to cover school expenses but somehow I don't think that is going to happen.

I did refer to my natal chart and there might be a money windfall in the form of a marriage.

I definitely will not hold my breath for that one.

Recovery in a recession is slow, for me and the country. I am just glad I am not alone.

It makes me feel like less of a loser.

The Blonde is rising up!!

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