Bumble the Blonde

I was going to write a little diddy on chemistry.com and eharmony.com but something caught my attention at the local HEB grocery store today.

Bumble and Bumble hair products run $45 a bottle on sale. The sales clerk said its flying off the shelves. I hardly believe that when there is a sale on the couture hair products. Things that command that price and fly off the shelf stay at the chosen rip-off price.

But I have to say "hail to Bumble and Bumble" and to those that can afford a shampoo for $50. It shows me that not everyone is effected by the recession or poor job market.

I wonder if I made boo-coo bucks, would I buy the Bumble schlep?

I buy Infusium for $5 and when i read the ingredients of both products- my brand had all the ingredients as the Bumble and Bumble minus a root extract.

Out of curiosity, I might by the Bumble brand but more for novelty and armed with a biased opinion, I probably would not find it so fabulous and continue with my Infusium products.

But God Bless those insecure folks that thrive on paying big dollar to feed their need to be better than everyone else.

The Blonde is more humble than bumble!

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