The Breast Feeding Babydoll

Maybe I have a perverted mind but I can't help but think of other places someone might place the magnetic bra and have the baby doll sucking on some unsavory body parts...

If I can think this creatively, imagine little Johnny stealing the baby doll and bra
from baby sister and wanking his little tiddley tot with the sucking mechanical mouth.

but than again, I grew up with the baby doll with the magic disappearing milk bottle.

Think how many pedophiles logged on to youtube to watch an 8 year old put on a bra and play Mommie.

On another note, the chick who breast feeds 4 year old Ari in the park is not only gross its unnatural and someone needs to have a serious talk with reaching healthy boundaries in the maturing of their chi...hii..ii..ld..!!

When they have teeth and can walk, yu need to loose the tit Mother.

I thought my cat's crusty hairball was gross but this apparently beat it by 30% gross factor.

breast feeding is natural to the Mother and child but, even I, as a woman am not comfortable with a strange woman's tit dangling while calling for little Betty to come hither at my local Starbucks.

The Blonde is not into new age rugrat rearing!!

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