80% is What You Do

20% is what fate has in store for you.

I am suffering a few minor setbacks when it comes to playing catch up and saving for my university future.

80% is what I can handle, what happens or does not happen because of me.

Then there is the pesky 20% - no matter how hard I apply myself, no matter how hard I try to get where I am going - a mile long road block hits and I am stuck.

Faced with having to turn around and find another way.

I could be unconventional and go off the beaten path and work in camouflage hiding myself from that 20% fate but it will soon catch up with me.

So what is a Blonde to do?

Watch sappy John Hughes films today, wash the crusted hairball off my duvet, play virtual host to HCG protocol confused...

and keep on...

keeping on!!

Its too damn hot to push through that road blocks today, anyway.

The Blonde is 100% glad its Friday!!

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