Two Timers & Teetotalers

Teetotalers- with their fanny packs and guts - aren't the only ones scratched from my list...

I haven't been two timed, at least not that I know of, but there are two men that I feel especially sad for the women that endure their selfish undertaking.

After 6 years of being the other girl, I am doing other men. After years of being the one that helps keep proper relationship in tact, I have whipped out my blonde colored magical carpet and am fleeing to higher ground.

Augusto and Raine have women that they have been in long term relationships with. They apparently love them but not enough love is in their heart to keep their Johnson from poking at a private off base.

Augusto, I have a little more empathy for but Raine...he is just a wolf in Red Riding Hood's cape carying a basket of his ex's injustice on him so he can pander to a passively aggressive skip on women. He likes to interject how wonderful and honest he his being with is lovers but he fails to extend that same honesty with his pseudo betrothed.

He has given her the rules of engagement but as a woman-she is civilian- I am certain his ethics don't reach outside the boundaries of his mid-life crisis and the militarical (its a sniglet-you need to be SNL savvy to understand) belief system that he propagated in his man mind.

How funny men can me?

Raine and Augusto really do believe their massacre of truth becomes a tasty treat of bologna for all to consume.

Its bologna...that is what bologna is..a mesh of non meat -- non truth...

I am not hurt by their indiscretion but I am hurt by the fact, that for awhile, I became complacent to their mediocre bourgeois bologne.

Eat me..you neophytes... you will never have the charm and charisma of a European to carry out your silly rudimentary American affairs for very long.

Your day is coming near...

Woman who are smart and pretty will realize they need to feed on better men before they begin to believe 'they are what they eat'.

Lets all eat, pray, and love in a European way..sans the American men...

Fast food and gluttony have surpassed fine cuisine and good taste in this country.

I am rebelling!!

A Blonde only drinks and eats the best!!

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