To Bang or Not To Bang

that is the question.

Get you mind out of the gutter...

I meant my hair.

First thing a blonde does after done with a man is chop of her goldilocks for a new 'me'.

But I like my hair and the most I am willing to go is with some bangs.

I am in a budget crisis and the only natural thing to do is take a scissor and cut a new look.

A little bit of bangs goes a lot farther than botox on a budget.

Not that I am ready for botox...yet, but give me a few more stressed out months with my scholarship money depleted...and I will need a face lift.

What was I thinking?

Its not like I need more maintenance in my life.

I didn't want to break a tradition

I turned on Dog Days are Over and sang along in the shower as I balded my peeka-boo into a Telly Savalis

Not quite Bali

but when on a budget

A Blonde needs the best bang for her buck!

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