No More Raine

I booted Raine off of Facebook.

Not that is saying much since these days I don't play on FB. I am too much of a social outcast to feel like I belong. Twitter is so much more my style.


Back to the Raine. I booted him and everyone else that was a "friend". I love the creativity in his definition of friend. Its basically, a booty call on their cell's Rolodex and when they are feeling a little tickle in their turkey neck below, the fumble for the long distance dial to my phone when he isn't feeling the passion from his steady.

Other than that, I never hear from him.

Probably becuase he is busy with the steady in Cabo.

Which leads me to why I booted him from the blonde realm.

Cabo...a place I have never been invited to. I do not know why since we have been "friends" for six odd years.

Maybe his girlfriend wont think I am really a "friend"?

I suspect she is not familiar with Raine's specific definition of "friend" in the femme form.


I didn't mind before going to New York for a few days and hanging out as a "friend" and I probably would have continued to do that until law school started but Raine made a fatal error.

He came to Austin and booked a one night in $99 Hampton Inn downtown as if I was some cheap hooker for the night!

He gets the gold plated douche award for this play.

This is where pissed off comes into action.

Don't come to my town, rent a cheap hotel downtown and expect me to be happy about your visit when I know your girlfriend "with an understanding" is getting caviar, Cabo and a condo...

on the beach!!!

I am so turned off by that one act, that when I went to kiss him good-bye as I tried to knock him to the airport curve.... my skin felt like crawling out from under my blonde.

Uckkk....so done!

A blonde is never going to allow that behavior more than once and consider it a faux pas. Second chances are never an option for this kind of hustle.

Like my natal chart says...

I hold onto men way too long and I think its time to start spring cleaning.

No more Raine to piss on my NY or Austin garden.

The Blonde is not a wet rag!

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