Life As I Know It

isn't worth a life at all.

I do believe in reincarnation. After taking physics, you learn that life, a person, is energy and energy does not die. It goes somewhere.

Energy will never be more nor less than what it is...so for everyone that dies, something lives.

I am ready to live another life. This one really has not panned out.

I am playing gout a false facade of school, men, and one day having something.

It is never going to happen.

At my age, I am all but done with hope. I just want to be able to pass on my journals of 30 years so maybe, one day, some one can understand that sometimes, you just can't fix broken.

No matter how hard I laugh and smile and try to work this world out, I just can't do it any more.

Nothing is funny any more, not even the douche bags I date.

Its all just a hopeless comedy that would be better sold when I am gone.

So sit back and enjoy the tragedy and comedy of 30 some odd years of my life.

If I were manic, I could have these journals up in a month but I am just your average moth in the the yellow light taking awhile to burn out.

The Blonde has only so much to live for!

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