I Am Winning

and in a real way, not the coked up Charlie way.

I feel better today. I still have money trouble but at least I can work that out.

Exercise is the main ingredient to feeling better.

For normal bouts of being down, you do not need a feel good pill to turn it around.

You need to mentally challenge yourself to get up and get moving.

Even if you hate it, it will help.

And when you feel better, things just seem to turn around for the better.

I actually got hit on by someone my age, super cute, and he is a Jewish dude from Boston


Jewish men are awesome and if they are from the east coast, even better for me.

I have to replace Raine any way and this looks like a great replacement.

Even if I do not go out with this new attraction, just knowing I am not too old to find someone my own age...made my day.

The Blonde still has hope!

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