Holding Out

I have been holding out in the library now for a week. My finals are coming up and I need to rock on.

I am two weeks shy of finishing out this semester. Just in time too because I am solidly broke. Not just a little broke, I mean down right lint in the handbags and wallets broke.

It will be nice to find some full time work and relax on grades through the summer.

According to the news, jobs are on the rise..let's see if this non-traditional student can find work in a law firm...

I wouldn't mind working in a health food store with kids that have lots of tats and piercings. Wearing jeans to work for the summer appeals to me too.

I actually have 10 years in advertising and producing but I am fairly certain that job door that has been bolted for awhile now.

Besides, who wouldn't aspire to wearing a green apron every day?

I am beyond shame or embarrassment. I rather go to work and earn money for law school on my own than try to shag some old guy for allowance any day of the week.

Besides, I tried that and its totally not worth the boredom and the baggage that comes with these old birds.

Somewhere online -match profiles- I was convinced that X gen girls couldn't get a guy there own age..untrue..there are plenty of men my age and they have a lot less mental cargo than the crypt keepers I have been hanging out with.

An apron and dreadlocks for the summer?!

Better than wearing old dudes around my arm!!

I only have two thought and that is to get through law school and not date another douche for the duration of my time on this planet and I will start by bringing the age bracket down from AARP membership and going with real men that look good on my arm...

The Blonde has a steady grip!

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