Going for the Zodiac

Everyone who has had a tough go at relationships is always looking for a better way to pick and choose the next one.

I am no different. I have tried going in the exact opposite direction of what I once picked, I tired praying, and even contemplated follow9ng in the Captain's foot steps and hit the past life theory but I have enough in this life.

I do not need to add a few more of my lives to the stress bowl.

Oc course its only natural that I am going to try astrology to pick a new partner. You can get your natal chart online just by adding your birthday and exact time of birth. Its surprisingly accurate in describing who I am...good and bad.

And, if it can give me a clear written objective view of my personality, why not the next mate?

It can't possibly do any worse than I have done.

No harm, no foul, just an interesting new thing to try.

I do find a little hypocrisy in this horoscope thing. While its alright for a blonde chick to play around with this as a novelty, it would be a little creepy to find a guy who was into astrology.

I like that.

I finally found a double standard where it applies to this side of the femme line.

Atrology: women can and the men I date... can't!!

The Blonde is checking the signs!!

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