Candy Store Dating

That is what online dating is, Its a candy store with too much candy and you keep eating your way through until all the good candy is gone.

But your so addicted to it that you will start sampling the candy you don't like thinking liquorice might turn out tasting like sweet tarts.

Online dating is a pez dispenser.

The dispenser is fun but the candy is the same and it sucks.

Insanity is doing the same thing over expecting different results.

I hate pez, I hate liquorice, and I am sick of eating the crap candy online.

I lasted all of 3 days on MM before deleting my profile.

Get out of the candy store. Go to the park and play, fly a kite, do anything but the same old routine that has never produced a lick of good results.

The Blonde's candy turned sour!

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