Budget Crisis

Its a crisis when you can't afford your expensive face cream and have to use what you can find around the house. I personally pillaged my parent's home and grabbed some glycerin suppositories.

I figure for someone whom every once in awhile talks out her ass could use a little butt cream for the face.

It actually works better than Loreal face cream and its not as greasy as Vaseline. I would have used Preparation H but ever since they took the shark oil out, it doesn't tighten as well.

If this sounds gross, its not half as freak as shaving your face. Some dermatologist in California is telling women the best exfoliation for the face is to shave it.

Personally I couldn't do it. It felt way too manly and weird.

Its all about boundaries.

Of course mine isn't set so high that I am not above using butt suppository bullets on my face.

Everyone is tightening their buckle these days. I am just glad I found a cheap way to tighten my facial epidermis.


I was thinking about home facial peels and if I bought the new Compound W Freeze Away with the q-tip stick and lightly brush it over my face I could achieve a refreshing new complexion for $20.

I will have to think about that one. I have haunting memories of trying to use Nair for hair laser removal on my pee-ka-choo and that nearly burnt my labia off.


Blondie needs a few more physics classes before attempting to freeze off dead skin layers.

The Blonde is dangerously money conscious!!

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