Applying Like Crazy

I spent today applying to all the pre-law schools recommended by the American Bar Association. Apparently, they do not agree with the US World News Report rankings of schools.

And I rather work the schools ranked by the Bar association than a magazine that sells ads to universities for a living.

Along with my educational apps for the fall; I spent the rest of the day creating online employment opportunity apps with health food stores near and around my proposed schools.

I don't know why I am so gung ho about working for a health food store but I am.

My intended target and apron wearing fantasy starts at applying to


I am a fanatic about keeping fit and healthy through proper dieting because I am too lazy to exercise and if you eat well, you dont have to bust your balls in a gym.

I am such an obesity snob, it would make sense for me to promote proper eating in a health food store rather than laying my eating rules down to the poor college slob who accidentally chose to sit next to me in class.

I get so aggravated by the sloppy way people take care of their bodies.

The ridiculousness of it all escapes me.

My sisters waited in line for an hour to put 5 pounds on their arse on a cupcake binge. Since this was a rare occurrence and the DC cupcake shop is on television, I can see the entertainment value. And it was super fun with the kiddos..so a little escape to sugarville is great..Bravo..

By the way Pookums...

You can order DC Cupcakes online now that you got the fan fair and the lime lighted shop scratched off your bucket list.

I love cupcakes too and once in a blue moon-my blue moon, not Michelle Obama's blue moon that keeps her arse growing in leaps and bounds-it perfectly alright to indulge in culinary for the pulmonary, a little bit.

But something has to give before the world gets weight heavy and tips a bit.

We think ourselves the best nation in the world not because we have to stand in line for food rations but because we can choose to stand in line to buy a dozen celebrity status cupcakes...

In Texas we have the top 3 cities for fatness and its all thanks to tex-mex which is nothing more than a combination of lard, flour, burger, and chicken cooked 18 different ways with cheese and salsa smothering the top of it.

Throw in a sugary dose of margaritas and its rotundity central in these parts.

I am a terrible fat snob..

A bigot of hugery!!

Chelsea Handler likes these mounds of flesh and fat because they make her look skinnier and prettier standing next to them..

but in reality obesity is costing us more than smoking and it doesn't make anyone look good to promote it!

Put a sin tax on coca-cola and McDonald's and see if people can quit?!!

The Blonde is a little health nut!

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