New Year, New Ground 2011

Its the New year and a whole slew of new men to accomplish.

But I am looking for a particular man this time and the run of the mill man won't do.

I want the right age, the right look, the right lifestyle. 'Right' meaning that someone who will compliment me, be compatible with my lifestyle.

I am not going for men over a certain age. Quite frankly, men aren't holding up like Paul Newman did.
Seriously, look at the Baldwin band, Brad Pitt looks haggard from Jolie fatigue, and Johnyy Depp brings a whole new NO to face lifts.

Honestly, its gut galore on anyone over 50. No wonder women start looking at the wallet. The pudgier the wallet, the more slender the man may appear.

I guess its like the man version of getting boob implants. Women know their ass is spreading a little each year so to offset the poundage, they get bigger breasts to stay in proportion.

Men's guts get bigger every year and to offset there belly pudge, an even pudgier bank role will make their buddha glory seem slimmer.

I am also shaking off my skirt hem, the plethora of non-commital long distance booty calls I have cherished in the past. I have a law degree to obtain and due to a few out of town visits, my GPA grossed only a 3 .0 for the semester.

I can't have that.

So this spring semester, I am bringing on a mileage curfew. Only those willing to set up shop in Austin and visit me in Austin, will be granted face time and with any luck...new booty time with a committed minded soul.

The Blonde has limited hunting ground this year!!

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