My Favorite Part of a Man

The part I dig the most about my new beau is the part of him that shows how much he really likes me.

Its amazing how much one person can make you feel so good about yourself.

I think the only man who ever did that for me was me ex but since he took my house, the part of him that was nice will never count again.

I fell settled, happy and quite frankly relieved that I do not have to partake in an all out online beau-fest search for a new BF.

I can sit back and study this semester and work on feeding my educational goals with selling my clothing wares online which is a heck of a lot mo' fun than pitching one's self on a dating site to every Tom, Dick, and, Harry, well, let's face it, a lot more dicks than Toms and Harrys.

The Blonde is happy with all of it!!

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