Married People Do Not See

... the world like single peeps do; or maybe they do and I am just super critical and harsh of all that I see, in my particular spot of the world.



When I meet friends for drinks, I like to be in the more stylish part of town. When I get dragged to the part of town that hosts rednecks and beer bellies, I am one very unhappy little blonde.

I don't want to sit and see fat married couples or fat single people, or fat anything. I don't want to see haggard faces, unstylish clothes, and general ick.

Married people don't see the crowd, in the same way, because they aren't looking for potential mates. They keep their backs to the crowd, while the singles have eyes turned out onto the scene.

And when a blonde mistakenly ventures outside her designated 8 mile radius from downtown, to the outskirts of Austin's more country-ish side, its some serious fugly on the scenery.

I am a city snob.

The country is for couples to enjoy on the weekends.

Not for stylishly single blondes to go out for happy hour at the hot new tex-mex bar.

When you move me outside of my city parameters, especially in Texas, it gets ugly.

Fashion is not a staple in this part of the world.

If I wear my Tommy Hillfiger boots in Dallas or New York, I am getting praise. If I wear them in Austin,, some chunky texas jackhole makes hooker references.

Honestly, if you have never been outside of your home state or travelled outside the country, you should just keep your little redneck trap shut and stick to commenting on football and friday nights special at your local Chilis.

I am pledging never to go outside the style safety perimeter I have zoned 'Blonde Safe' in Austin, ever again!!

The Blonde can't bear to look anymore!!

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