Damn the Buttery Soft Leather Boot

Another over-the-knee boot pulled at my heart strings and my wallet. I had to have the Steve Madden Sabra boot.

I love them and I don't care if this puts me behind the black line.

Every once in a while some garment or shoe or boot will catch my fancy and after being so frugal year round, I just have to bust out that carde de credite and splurge on myself.

After all, I deserve them.

And my man deserves to see me in them.

Speaking of the new man...We had a blast in Aspen and although with each new guy, my guardrail is a little higher, this one seems to be the best of the lot.

I have to admit I am inching into better and better territory with every new man I score.


and that's a big but...

its still new and a hidden freak or foe may come out eventually.

I will give it another 3 months and if its still golden, I will still be cautious.

I am not letting my guard down for a second.

These days the only thing I can count on are my boots and they are made for walking out of anything and anyone at anytime.

The Blonde is putting her foot down!!

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