The Breaking of Falling In Love

We worry that our love is unrequited.

We worry that love will not be returned at the same rate, time, or level.

There is nothing we can do after it begins to happen.

The best we can do to protect ourselves is to halt it.

Wage war against our own heart because of fear.


We might lose the takings of that war.

Fear settles us on small battles, with others that have no interest in loving us.

So what are we to do?

Fall and worry about new wounds and scars?


Shy away from that edge?

I have no answers.

I am not Tsen Su and I do not believe he, the master of war, would have any answers toward love either.

I am not a guru any more than anyone else is.

At one time, I thought it was better to fall a thousand times in love and break, and heal, and look again, than it is to live cold, stark, and sternly against the whole notion of something that is not finite.

But now...

I believe...

In the same, but...

In baby steps,

toward the edge...

and falling, and being afraid, and thinking maybe this time I won't break because someone will be there to catch my fall.

What can I say?

I am a hopeless romantic.

I do not suggest this route for all.

You must be brave and foolish and have hope beyond hope in order to survive the journey of the hopelessly incurable.

The hopeless romantic understands that pain and suffering beyond what most are willing to endure will eventually bare the fruit of the forbidden tree.

The tree that few ever get to.

Love is worth so much more than just finding comfort in another.

The Blonde will face her fears!!!

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